Marry Me

A man who needs a marriage of convenience to gain custody of his baby girl. A prince who has loved his best friend for his entire life. A sexy & sweet friends-to-lovers gay romance.

I’ve lived my life in the spotlight. I’ve never hidden my homosexuality from anyone. And as a prince, no one is out of my reach…except my best friend.

It doesn’t matter who I go home with, I always imagine it’s him. I know it’s pathetic. He’ll never love me back, not in the way I want him to. But I can’t help it. I love him so much, and I love his baby girl as if she were my own.

Keeping my distance…being a good friend…I tell myself it’s good enough. Until the day he comes to me with a request: Marry him so he can keep custody of his daughter.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect him and his baby girl…even if it means breaking my heart. He thinks this is just a marriage of convenience, but for me, every moment is torture. He’s so close, but I can’t touch him. He’s right beside me, and yet, he’ll never be mine.

Only one thing is certain: he can never know my secret. That when we exchanged vows, I meant every word I said.

No matter what happens, I’ll love and cherish him and his baby girl forever.

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