Forgive Me

There are things I don’t tell anyone, especially not after what happened last time. I had the misfortune of falling for a prince who had all the power in the world…and he used all that power to break my heart.

But I’m an artist, and art is about emotion and sacrifice. I’ll do anything to succeed, even if it means going back to that cabin in the mountains where it all started to paint the most intense landscape of my career. Yes, remembering everything is painful. He was my first love. My first mistake. And now he’s not only my enemy, but the one thing standing between me and my dreams.

Everything’s fine until he shows up at the same small cabin I’ve rented, bringing with him the storm of the century.

Now, the blizzard has trapped me with the one man I truly hate…and the only man I’ve ever wanted.

He can claim my body, but not my heart.

I will never forgive him.

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