Protect Me

This prince doesn’t think he needs love or protection. I’ll risk my life to prove him wrong on both counts.

My newest assignment is smart, sexy as hell…and completely in the closet. As a royal next in line to be king, he’s resigned to marrying for duty, but at night, he reveals his true wild and insatiable nature in my arms.

I’m trying to keep our days professional and our nights purely physical, but it’s hard. Every day, he challenges me with his cool, collected demeanor. Every night, he lets me take charge and he shows me his true self. As his bodyguard, I’ve vowed to protect his body, but will I be able to protect my own heart? 

All I know is that this is no longer just a job. It’s personal. I’ll make sure nothing and no one will ever hurt him, no matter the danger or the cost.

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